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 Admin/Mod Application

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Admin/Mod Application Empty
PostSubject: Admin/Mod Application   Admin/Mod Application EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 5:27 am

In game name:xS0ulHunt3rx
Age:12 years old (but I am going to be in 7th grade just to let you know)
Country: United States of America
Rank applying for:Admin/Mod
Why would I want to be staff?: Well to say first of all I have matured, and I can take practical jokes better than
the last time I played on this server. I think that we need more ONLINE Admins/Mods. I personally want to be a
staff member, because I myself have been griefed multiple times. Also I DISLIKE that when when anyone cyber bullies.
How can you benefit the server?: How I can benefit the server is that encouraging others to help one another rather than fighting most of the time.
Will you abuse the rank?: No I shall not abuse this rank if you FrozenMike95 recall I had the Builder rank
and have not abused it. I will also try to play in Survival with the others so it can be fair.
How long have you played Minecraft?: I have played MInecraft since 1.1.
How long have been playing on the server?:I have been playing in this server since 1.1, also my first and favorite server.
How long are you online everyday?:Since I have been doing schoolwork lately and have been sick, I haven't had time to have some free time. But summer is coming up for me so I can be long at least 2 hours or more. Before this period happened I played at least 2 hours a day or more.
I hope you read my application through the end. Have a nice day Smile.

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Admin/Mod Application
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