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 ME want to be a staff

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ME want to be a staff Empty
PostSubject: ME want to be a staff   ME want to be a staff EmptyFri Jun 15, 2012 1:29 pm

In Game Name :My in game name is yuki_fan Very Happy
Age :i am 11 but im turning 12 in August 16 affraid
Country :i came from Brisbane, QLD , Australia
Rank applying for : i am appliying for either Mod or Admin :DDDD
Why you want to be a staff? : i wanted to be staff because i like helping people and give people a best time on this server. I also want to help to make this server the best server in the whole universe. I like to help because its what i like to do the most. Very Happy .i got many reason y i want to be staff but i chose these reasons because its the best reason i can think of. Surprised Surprised
How can u benefit the server? :I can benifit the server because i like helping higher and lower ranked people and they will thank me and you for having such a good time on the server.
Will you abuse you rank? :that's like to stupidest thing to do so i will not abusee the rank ever
How long have you been playing minecraft : almost a year
How long have you been playing on the server :abaout a week
how long are you online every day : i am online from 1-1 and a half hour on school days and 1-24 hr on weekend (low chance of playing 24hr). and i play everyday

thank you for reading

now im sleepy Sleep Sleep Sleep

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ME want to be a staff
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